Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Day

Well this week has been rather good...Surprisingly I have recently started seing someone I dated 8 years ago. It didnt turn out so well for Me at the end of this relationship???? However, now it seems to be going well. I dont want to jump into anything to serious with Him as He has hurt Me in the past. He just left the relationship that He dumped Me for 8 years ago. He is a very nice Man and unfortunately I still have a lot of strong feelings for Him. I just dont want to let Him know yet how I feel. Because of Him I have not found anyone to love in all that time??????? What wrong with Me???? I fell hard for Him and ended up being the one who got hurt, surprisingly so did He. You know the old saying "If you set something free and it comes back to you it was meant to be" ?????? I will just have to wait and see...... Keeping My feelings close to the chest for now.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is it possible ???

I start My story at this point in My life. I am 56 yrs. old and single. I have had and been in some of the most unusual realtionships with Men in the past. Thought I was being loved for who I was. Not true??? Only for what I could do. Where and what is wrong with what and who I am? I know their are a lot of Women who feel the same way. Personally I feel that I am a kind,caring,loving person and have a lot to share with a Man. Im not a mean,angry,uncaring so called bitch. I dont mind having My own life and time to Myself, or of a man doing and having His own things to keep Him busy. Im not a needy Woman having to be so involved in everything that they do. These days who does. Independant for sure on both sides. I enjoy alot of so called Man things fishing,camping, riding motorcycles, outdoor stuff. Sports Oh yeah hockey being my favorite. I feel that with My lifestyle Im pretty well informed on alot of things. Not boring....LOL
In the past 10 years I have had 2 relationships in which I thought were going very well!!!! Wrong !!!! One lasted 8 months only for me to be dumped for another woman.... 2nd one was with a man that was great for about 2 years the the shit hit the fan. He now is back with His ex and wants me on the sidelines. Really are You kidding me. Says the sex we had was the best He ever had and the gf is no good. Im 56 yrs. old and not getting involved with that mess again. Still calls me all the time and wont take no for an answer. Grow up.
It seems every man I meet these days is either married,in a relationshipor just bored. No Thanks. Where are the men who are looking for a real relationship. You know where there hiding because they too are afraid of getting screwed. Not physically but financially. They think all Us older Women are looking for their benefits and some to take care of them. I have a very good friend 71 yrs. old and a widow. Met an 83 yr. old man, fell in love 3 weeks later they were engaged and now after 2 months are happily in love and married. It gives me hope that their is someone out there for Me.
I seriously would like to hear from other Women and Men on this subject. I know of alot of other women who are going through this situation and would appreciate hearing from You.
I have just started a relationship with an old friend and will keep everyone posted on how things go. Is He the Man I want to be with or is this one going to end up as the others only time will tell.